Sips and Clips

Helldog // The World’s Hottest Hot Dog

December 5, 2020

Jesper Levin is something of a local legend here in Stockholm. For fair reason, after plenty of years in the game slinging regular hot dogs from a food cart, Jesper wanted to do something different. He set out to create the WORLDS HOTTEST HOT DOG, (you read that right) while revamping his menu with American dishes both mild and spicy and rebranding as the unmissable “Helldog.”


Most Stockholmers who have been around and countless tourists alike know the story of Helldog and have lined up to visit the “Harakiri Man.” Harakiri means “suicide” in Japanese, and was a tradition in ancient Japan where the individual stabs a sword through their stomach. Cozy huh? Sets the tone for what’s to be experienced for those attempting his hot dog challenge.


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